The Carrie Diaries

A life full of glamour, sex, love, friends, and best of all… the city. That’s what everyone see’s when they think of the word “success”. The Carrie Diaries is a series that was originally released on January 14, 2013; it tells the story of Carrie Bradshaw-a young teenage girl who is starting a new life after the loss of her mother. She lives in a small town called Castleburry, Connecticut (a suburban town) and just like any other suburban town, it is full of judgement and prejudice. She is soon exposed to the city of Manhattan when her father gets her an internship at a law firm. Carrie falls in love with the city; she runs into one of the biggest casualties when in the city, and lands an offer with Interview magazine.While Carrie begins her internship at what she thought was her dream internship she finds her true passion; writing. She soon realizes that Interview magazine is the ideal job that will lead her to a successful career, the only problem is that her dad does not approve of all that comes with it. Her father, who just lost his wife, is having a difficult time adjusting to their new lifestyle, he becomes an over protective dad who does not approve of any of his daughters decisions, not even her totally hot boyfriend. Sebastian Kydd. The new bad boy in town that everyone wants, however, he wants Carrie. The two commence a romantic relationship, but the stars seem to be against them. Her father does not approve, Donna (the school bimbo) is in the way, her city life is making it difficult, and of course rumors are everywhere. Carrie soon finds her dream- life turning into a crazier city than what Manhattan is, her daily life struggles are some of the most adventurous. This series is like a book that keeps you turning the page, it involves everything from: a traditional suburban family, a traditional boy who struggles with his sexuality, a catholic girl who shows no morals, the smart Asian girl who is too pressured to even breathe, a young girl who loses her mom and becomes rebellious, and a young girl with aspirations that don’t fit in her home. The life of Carrie Bradshaw-the life that every modern independent woman dreams of. If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix this break, definitely grab a blanket and a cup of tea because you will be glued to the couch, but don’t worry Carrie will make you feel like you are living every single one of her adventures, and not like you’re totally wasting time on the couch!


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