We all know the saying “New Year, New Me!” The saying that everyone says at the beginning of the year when: they cut their hair, hit the gym for the first time in years, get new makeup etc. This year I decided to be that person. Towards the end of last year I began to work at a bagel place, as a college student it is very hard to afford the cost of living, especially when you’re living in one of the most expensive cities in the country! I had so much trouble financially that I had a lot of stress on me and this led me to a lot of binging at work. At first I thought “I can’t gain too much weight of this is all I’m eating” , but all I was eating was carbs and empty calories. My clothes became really tight, nothing looked good on me, and every image of myself disgusted me. Thankfully Blogilates came to the rescue! Blogilates is a blog run by Cassey Ho (literally the happiest person in the world), her blog is based on her teaching of Pilates and her workout clothes fashion line. Now, this isn’t just regular Pilates, it’s Pop Pilates, which means that it’s super fun. She posts all of her videos on YouTube and uses the latest songs to keep her popsters motivated through the workout. For the passed 28 days I have followed her workout calendar step by step, along with the 28 day reset which is created to fully cleanse your body. At the beginning of the month I went grocery shopping and I was shocked when I only spent $38 at Trader Joe’s and purchased an insane amount of fruits and veggies!! Usually I spend around $50 at any other store and end up running out of food halfway through the month. I realized that it’s actually not as expensive as we think to eat clean. I will be continuing this lifestyle from now on. Before, I was constantly bloated and never comfortable in my clothes but now, I have even greater confidence and love how all of my clothes fits. This 28 day reset has really changed my life and I highly recommend you all to try it!! I want to take this time to thank Cassey, anytime I hate my body I run to YouTube and do her videos, sometimes the moves seem silly, but they work you in a way you would never expect. She gives the most motivational speeches anyone can give and although I do not know her in person I can see through the videos that she is extremely humble, positive, and kind. Never does she body shame, rather she encourages all body types to watch her videos and achieve not what society wants us to look like,but what /we/ want to look like. Thank you Cassey for changing my life for the better.

Be sure to checkout her blog for life changing results!! http://www.blogilates.com


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