Women March with Purpose

There has been a wide controversy in regards to the huge Women’s Marches that have been occurring. There are some who believe that women are simply seeking attention because women “do have rights” and they are “lucky to be where they are”. The statements are obnoxious because women are still being shunned for speaking up. If women had rights and equality then why are there still movements like Pro-life, why is birth control not free world wide? According to CNN, NGO’s that offer abortion, abortion care, or contraceptives will not be receiving federal funding. This makes it even harder for woman to receive the proper care needed. The government is trying to prevent women from making choices over their own bodies! A woman who is overqualified for president,in comparison to the current president, lost. Some like to believe that it was his arguments that led him to victory but, what were his actual arguments? A woman who knows more about political issues lost, and that is because America refuses to give power to women. Women are still viewed as weak and incompetent and this is the true reason as to why women march, because they want the same standards that men have. If a CEO is strict with her employees she is thought of as a “bitch” yet if a male CEO acts in the same manner he’s “a man, that’s how men get things done”. There is a complete double standard in American culture and in every culture around the world. Women want and deserve equality, see them as the equals that they are and not as the weak species!




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